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In our country acupuncture is known to be particularly effective for weight loss but this method is also used in the treatment of many disorders. It has an established efficacy in the treatment of pain particularly in the back, low back, neck and knee and it is used worldwide. Its effects on the treatment of pain have been demonstrated in scientific publications worldwide.
What is the mechanism of action of acupuncture?

Acupuncture exerts a regulating effect on the body. This method has been used in China for thousands of years and has been investigated by western scientists and has found an application area in western countries. Investigations on the effects of acupuncture have revealed that acupuncture may induce the release of certain mediators and hormones. There are points that induce the release of these substances in the ear and also on the body. Therefore, acupuncture may be used to provide pain relief with short-term medication at small doses, if any. The released substances are actually found in our body as ready to be released to provide cure as do medicines in the event that a disease occurs. Serotonin, endorphins and cortisol are found ready in your body to help to provide cure and also to relieve pain.

Acupuncture may be used to induce the release of many additional hormones when a need is determined. It has been long known where the acupuncture points that induce the release of these substances are located. The points may be stimulated using gold, silver or still stings or electric current or laser. The diagnosis is of the greatest importance. The main point is the determination of the substance that the patient is lacking by revealing all symptoms and examination findings and using diagnostic methods and then, stimulating the release of that substance by the patient’s own body, using the principles of acupuncture.

The best aspect of this method is the harmonization with the patient’s own body regulation systems. Acupuncture should not be used for the purposes of weight loss alone. Its effects on patients on a weight-reduction diet include a reduced stress level, a reduced appetite and an improved compliance with weight-reduction diet. It is not very realistic to expect losing weight with acupuncture alone, without a weight-reduction diet or an increased energy consumption. Actually, such expectations may lead to misjudge the value of acupuncture, which should be used to support people on a weight-reduction diet. Developing healthy eating habits and discipline is of the greatest importance. Furthermore, acupuncture points highly overlap with the points referred to as trigger points.

70 to 80% of these points have been long investigated in western medicine. Moreover, most motor points that we used to strengthen muscles are also acupuncture points. Therefore, acupuncture appears to be a very effective method to be considered after a meticulous assessment of symptoms, medical history along with physical examination of the patient.

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