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Low-back, Back and Cervical Pain

Low back pain and neck pain are among the most common problems today. By the age of 40 years, almost all individuals have already experienced long-term or short-term low back pain or neck pain. Technological advances have further increased the prevalences of both low back pain and neck pain by forcing people to work in a sitting position for long periods of time. Inadequate physical activity and a higher tendency towards using motor vehicles rather than walking have a negative impact on the spine and intervertebral disks that require mobility. The spine has a S-shaped curve. The neck has a concave curve, the back has convex curve while the low back has a concave curve. Pain occurs when this natural and healthy S-shaped curve is lost, while immobility is the leading cause of the loss of the natural shape. Continuous sitting while working or continuous sitting in front of a computer, stressful work environment or inappropriate workplace conditions are the factors contributing to the loss of the S-shaped curve. However, heavy weight lifting, falls or accidents may also damage intervertebral disks as well as spinal bones and connective tissues. In addition to strain, there are a number of causes of low back and neck pain such as systemic diseases including infections, tumoral diseases and osteoporosis. Therefore, the patient should be seen and assessed by a physician before the initiation of the therapy. However, as a branch, PHYSICAL THERAPY AND REHABILITATION is involved in mechanical pain and we offer physical therapy, injections and medications and after then, we administer an exercise program. This program has both therapeutic and protective effects. Actually; EXERCISE IS OUR MEDICINE. The most important factor in preventing the occurrence and recurrence of the neck and low back pain is whether or not the patient is into regular exercise that we have prescribed.

Daily Living Recommendations for Neck Pain: Neck pain may be caused by conditions other than cervical disc herniation. Working with computers, non-ergonomic ( tools in shapes and usage inappropriate for body health) working tools in addition to long working hours, aging, not exercising, previous accidents, heavy weight lifting, sleep disorders or other more rare conditions may affect the structure of the cervical spine and may cause pain. Initially, the cervical spine loses its natural curvature and flattens or even the curvature is reversed at a point and a bulging disc may occur at this level. Flattening of the cervical spine may cause severe pain and stiff neck, even in the absence of cervical disc herniation.

Everyday Considerations for Patients Living with Neck Pain: Lying positions: Patients should use an orthopedic mattress which is not soft and can lie down in any position that they find comfortable. Patients should get used to sleep in a side-lying position. We recommend orthopedic neck pillows as such pillows support natural physiological curvature of the neck. Usually a side-lying position, on the opposite side of neck pain would be more comfortable. Drawing the legs to the abdomen may provide relief.
Sitting; particularly, sitting for a long period of time is not very appropriate for the low back and the neck. People working with computers should have a break every half hour and should walk around.

Heavy Weight Lifting and Shopping: Heavy weight lifting should be performed using limb muscle strength while the object to be lifted should be approached closely and should be placed between the legs and should be lifted in a squatting position, as far as possible. Patients should avoid from doing shopping at larger amount at one time and instead, shopping should be done as divided. It would be appropriate to carry purchased materials using both arms rather than one arm. The impact of packages on the neck and lower back may be less severe when these are suitable to be carried in the arms. However, these recommendations may be tailored for each individual patient, considering other potential disabilities (shoulder, knee).

Body Weight: In patients with either cervical disc herniation or lumbar disc herniation, it is important to maintain the body weight or to lose weight, if necessary, because this can restore the natural curvature. For this purpose, a 30-minute brisk walking should be performed regularly.

Using a computer: The line that you are writing or reading should be at the level of your eyes when you are working with computer. For this purpose, elevate the level of your computer and place your computer just in front of you. For the low back, use a lumbar support pillow fitting to the chair. Try to decrease working hours during which you are continuously sitting. Take a 2-minute break every30 minutes. Please, try to do your prescribed simple exercises for 20 seconds hourly.

Special Recommendations for Our Female Patients: When you go to a hair salon, please do not make your hair washed with your head tilted backward because such position may induce an episode of neck pain. Washing your hair at home before going to a hair salon may be a solution or please ask your hairdresser to wash your hair very quickly, in the event that you go to the hair salon for hair coloring. You may experience stiffness and pain in the neck during 1 or 2 days even if pain does not occur immediately after the procedure.

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