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Manual Therapy

As referred by its name, this treatment modality is performed manually and the personnel who perform this treatment modality should be qualified. Manual therapy is particularly used in the neck, back and low back pain and stiffness. Patients primarily undergo a medical examination, including a detailed examination of the musculoskeletal system, nervous system, and the spine, in particular. A decision is made on whether or not manual therapy is appropriate for the patient.

After then, the treatment is administered by an experienced and qualified person. Usually, the therapy results in immediate relief. A person with stiff neck regains his/her mobility or manual therapy can bring a significant relief to a patient who is unable to sit or stand up. Patients receive an average of 3 sessions; however, 1 session may also be adequate, occasionally. These therapies may be referred to as manipulation or mobilization therapies. A better explanation may be given to readers as follows: If a painful area occurs in the spine, the patient is placed in a special position and the practitioner applies a slight force to the problematic area.

This intervention is referred to as manipulation. The procedure is definitely painless and without risk; while mobilization is also a manual therapy that aims at relieving painful and stiff tissues. Mobilization is used when the condition of the patient is not appropriate yet for manipulation or to continue the treatment in order to provide a complete relief to the patient. Each patient undergoes a different procedure depending on the intensity of symptoms. Manual therapy is very popular in Western countries and as this treatment modality is widely known in western societies, patients directly apply to physicians involved in manual therapy. International patients admitted to our hospital particularly ask for this treatment modality. As this treatment completely depends on education and dexterity, it cannot be administered by everyone.

It has no side effects as it does not include medicines. However, the key words here are the experience and training of the practitioner. Various schools of this treatment modality exit around the world. I have received training of the French school in France and apply the French school for years. Furthermore, we also invite French academics to our country to organize various courses. The school that I follow is that of Hospital Dieu in Paris, and has been developed in 1950s by physicians who had first introduced this treatment to France.

Another consideration for our people exhibiting symptoms such as low back pain or shoulder pain is to prevent them from applying to osteopaths who have not received osteopathic education and jeopardizing their health.

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