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Tailbone pain

This pain presents a big issue for people who continuously work in a sitting position, women after giving birth to a child or those who fall from height and landed on the tailbone or bump against a hard surface. Pain is prominent when standing up from a seated position. This problem particularly becomes apparent during prolonged periods of sitting as occurs in travels, movies or plays. Although a fracture is suspected in the majority of these patients, the main problem is a dislocation of the small bones of the coccyx in most patients with tailbone pain. Pain lasts long up to 1 to 2 years, once it starts. However, injections may effectively treat this condition in appropriately selected patients.
Bursae and bursitis developed in congenital bursae over prominent bones. We use tailbone (coccygeal) injections to treat this condition. Coccygeal injections have been invented by the famous French physician Dr. Jean Yves Maigne as a specific diagnostic and therapeutic modality. As a novelty, the injection is performed to a specific bone which is found to be responsible for the pain. Injections are performed under fluoroscopic guidance or computed tomography- guidance. Injections are done under direct x-ray visualization of the problematic area. The procedure lasts for 5 minutes and as the area is poor of nerves and vessels, there is a little risk, if any. Pain gradually and rapidly resolves within 1 to 2 weeks of the injection and a second injection is rarely necessary.

In addition, we also use manual therapy (i.e. therapeutic techniques involving the use of the hands) to provide pain relief. This therapy requires specific training and experience. This procedure has been known by Turkish people as “pulling the tail”, a procedure performed by old midwifes. This procedure is a kind of manipulation is helpful in limited number of patients. Manual therapy is helpful to only those who use a donut cushion and it is not curative and is performed only for protective purposes. These patients rarely need surgery. Removal of the tailbone should not be considered as initial treatment in patients with tailbone pain as this bone is the point of attachment of the muscles that provide pelvic organs with support at the base of pelvic bone. The removal of the tailbone results in the loss of a tissue necessary for the body.
What are the causes of tailbone pain?

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