Elif Gürkan

This pain is a major problem for people who work sitting all the time, women after childbirth, those who fall on the coccyx or hit a hard place. It causes severe pain especially when getting up from a sitting position. This problem increases especially in places where it is necessary to sit for a long time such as travel, cinema, theater. Mostly fracture development is feared, but the problem in most of these people is the development of dislocation in these small bones.

When the pain starts, it lasts for a long time and may bother for 1-2 years. However, it can be treated very well with injections in appropriately selected patients.

Bursitis on bursae and congenital protruding bones We use coccyx injections, a special diagnostic and therapeutic procedure invented by the famous French doctor Jean Yves Maigne.

The difference here is that we find out which part of the coccyx the pain originates from and inject the area. The injection is guided by what is known in medicine as scopy or computed tomography. These are injections that are performed by seeing the problematic area directly under the light. The injection time is 5 minutes. Since the nerve and vascular structures are not dense in this area, the risk is almost negligible. Within 1-2 weeks after the injection, the pain regresses rapidly and a second injection is rarely required.

In addition, we also apply manual therapy, that is, techniques to relieve the pain of that area manually. This requires special training and experience. The old midwife’s practice of pulling the tailbone is well known among the people. This is a kind of manipulation that can help a limited number of patients. The sitting wheel is an aid for those who sit for a long time, it is not therapeutic, it is for protection.

These patients rarely need surgical treatment. In a patient with coccyx pain, removal of the bone is not considered as the first treatment because it is the attachment point of the muscles that support the organs in the pelvis from below. If it is removed, a necessary tissue is removed from the body.