Elif Gürkan

As the name suggests, it is a form of treatment that is performed manually and requires special training for the person performing it. It is especially used for neck, back and lower back pain and stiffness.

First of all, the patient undergoes a medical examination. In particular, the musculoskeletal system, nervous system and spine are examined in detail. The suitability of manual therapy is decided. Then an experienced and specially trained person applies it. Most of the time there is immediate relief. A person with a stiff neck regains his/her mobility or a person who cannot sit or stand up due to low back pain is significantly relieved. On average, 3 sessions are performed, but sometimes 1 session is sufficient.

These treatments are known as manipulation and mobilization treatments. To explain to the readers exactly what happens here; the painful part of the spine is found. The patient is given a special position and a slight force is applied to the problem area by the practitioner. This is called manipulation. The procedure is absolutely painless and risk-free.

Mobilization, on the other hand, is a manual treatment to open the painful and contracted tissues of the patient. It is used if the patient’s condition is not yet suitable for manipulation or to completely relieve the patient during the continuation of the treatment.

Depending on the severity of the patient’s complaints, a different procedure is applied to each patient. It is very popular in Western countries and since it is widely known in the society, patients apply directly to the doctors who perform it. Especially foreign patients applying to our hospital ask many times whether this treatment is performed.

Since it is completely based on training and manual skill, it is a treatment that not everyone can apply. Since it is drug-free, it has no side effects. However, the key word here is the experience and training of the person performing it. There are various schools of this treatment in the world. I have been practicing the French school for years after receiving training there. At the same time, we invite French trainers to our country and organize various courses. This school is the school of Hospital Dieu hospital in Paris and it is a method that the doctors who first established this treatment in France have developed since the 1950s until today.

Another important point here is that our people should not go to people such as fracturists and dislocators who have no training with complaints such as low back pain and earache and should not put their health at risk.