Elif Gürkan

Dr. Elif Gürkan

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Doctor Elif Gürkan, who graduated from Hacettepe Medical Faculty in 1993, completed her specialty training at Ankara Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Center and Uludağ University Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Department. In the years after 1999, she participated in academic studies, research and certificate programs in many institutions such as Long Island College Hospital in New York, Paris University Hotel Dieu Hospital, Spine Institute at Cleveland Clinic and Medical Osteopathy Department of Paris Creteil Medical Faculty.

Elif Gürkan


Tail bone pain, coccyx pain (coccidynia)

- Treatment of coccyx pain (trauma, fracture, dislocation)
- Ultrasonography and computed tomography guided interventional intervention in the coccyx
- Pain treatment with prolotherapy, blockade and radiofrequency for the coccyx nerve - www.coccyx.org


Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation of Musculoskeletal System Diseases

- Medical treatment of orthopedic and rheumatic diseases, physical therapy and rehabilitation
- Strengthening before and after orthopedic surgeries
- Rehabilitation of sports injuries
- Medical treatment and rehabilitation in osteoporosis patients
- Neurological rehabilitation


Manual Treatments

- Osteopathic and manipulative approaches to the spine
- Treatment of low back, back and neck pain with mobilization and manipulation methods


Pain Treatments

- Traditional physical and medical therapies
- Acupuncture
- Osteopathy
- Injections under imaging methods


Posture (Stance)

- Posture examination and treatment of posture disorder
- Developing customized Postural Insoles

Treatment Areas

Do you have lower back, back and neck pain?

Back and neck pain is one of the most common problems today. By the age of 40, there is hardly anyone who does not suffer from short or long-term pain.

Do you have a coccyx problem?

Coccyx pain is a major problem for people who work sitting all the time, women after childbirth, and those who fall on their coccyx or hit a hard place.

Preoperative rehabilitation with manual therapy

Manual therapy is a form of treatment that is done by hand and requires special training for the practitioner. It is especially used for neck, back and lower back pain and stiffness.

Acupuncture can help you treat your pain.

The acupuncture method, which is mostly known for weight loss treatment, has been proven to be effective in low back, back, neck and knee pain with many publications and is widely used in the world.

Are you complaining that you sweat a lot?

For the first time in Turkey, 18 years ago, I started to treat hand, foot and armpit sweating with the method of iontophoresis in water and applied it to 5000 patients with excessive sweating.

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

Physical therapy and rehabilitation has an important place in the treatment of neurological, orthopedic and rheumatologic diseases, as well as in the treatment of all kinds of injuries and disabilities of the musculoskeletal system.

Imaging Guided Injections

Intra-articular injections and intra-vertebral injections in lumbar and cervical hernias are methods that help the patient recover quickly.

Sports Injuries

It is very important to treat sports injuries encountered by both professional and amateur athletes who play football, basketball, tennis, and similar sports with the right treatment methods with expert physiotherapists in order to prevent the injury from becoming chronic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dr. Elif Gürkan, after her medical and specialty education in Turkey, has increased her experience with her continuing education and studies abroad. She is a physician who prefers to use advanced imaging technology for musculoskeletal and nervous system pain, neurological and orthopedic problems. He believes that listening to the patient's problems very well and a detailed examination directs an experienced physician to the right target. First of all, it is based on determining the exact diagnosis and planning the treatment accordingly. Since the human body has a complex structure, he believes that correct diagnosis is the first and most important step in treatment.

In medicine, pain treatments should always proceed step by step. The majority of neck, herniated discs, knee, shoulder and coccyx pain can be treated without the need for surgery. Physical therapy, manual therapy applications and sportive rehabilitation approach, injection treatments with Ultrasonography, MRI and Computed Tomography in our center give very good results even in advanced painful conditions. Surgical treatments can only be considered in cases of significant traumas, accidents and resistant to treatment.

In the early stages of a coccyx injury, a doctor's examination and X-rays (except for children and pregnant women) are absolutely necessary. As a first precaution, you should reduce sitting time as much as possible and use a special pillow. This reduces the load on the bone and the pain. You can also take anti-edema medication in the dose and duration recommended by your doctor. Since there may be fractures or dislocations in the coccyx, manual treatment may be required externally or intra-articularly, depending on the doctor's decision. Since the findings vary according to the patient, manual treatment should be performed by a physician specialized in this field.

Medicine is one of the broadest fields of science, so many different treatment methods have been discovered. My treatment approach is to integrate both modern medicine and traditional methods. We apply physical therapy and rehabilitation sessions, osteopathic medicine, manual therapy, dry needling, personalized exercise sessions, acupuncture to our patients. When necessary, we perform injections into the shoulder, knee, neck area and lumbar canal, coccyx, sacroiliac and hip joints with ultrasonography or computed tomography.